Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Inspiring Items!!

Those are my favourites items of the web and I want to share them with you!! Because I'm bored of dark colours and generally of heavy clothes, my eye caught on bright and pastel colours such as are must for this season!! I hope that you will love them as I :-)
Pointed Heels

Nude Blazer

Nude Dress with Collar
Strut Contrast Platform

Pinspot Strapless Bralet
Tweeted Jacket
Patent Clutch Bag
Bow Plastic Bracelet

I and my friends just loved them at a shopping spree!! Now they are on the top of my wishlist!!
Maybe you wonder why I want heels at the same colour!! In my eyes they are so differrent :D

Blue Sandals
Blue Wedges with Dots

Beige with Blac details adorable ballerinas!! I think they are all time classic!!
Sweet Ballerinas

Marni Collection (I'm so happy for this cooperation!! :-D) for H&M is here!! Of the entire collection I loved the accessories!! They are so chic such as ethnic to!! They are so appropriate for summer nights!! Can't wait
to have them!!

 So glamorous and so cheap just 29.99 eur.
Leather Bag

 Imagine it With a long skirt and a tank top!!

                           Chunky multicoloured necklace!! Let your wild part free!!!!

Silk Scarf!! 

              A silk scarf for chic outfits!!


  1. Love the yellow and green necklace!!!

    1. oh yeah!! I loved the collection marni for H&M too.