Saturday, February 11, 2012

Alexa Chung The Face of Superga Again!!

  And creator director of the label!!
Alexa Chung is starring at the last campaign of Superga for spring summer  2012.

 "We are very excited that Alexa has became part ofour history, especially on the occasion of 100 years
 since our establishment.She is one of the most powerful style icons of our time anda great fan of Superga.
I feel like that her casual style and her personality fit perfectly in our new collection and generally at our label,"said Simon Bamber, manager of Superga in Britain.


The new campaign 
 'Go Create' has been photographed in Miami. Alexa is posing with a smile, youthful and playful on the lens of Guy Aroch to find a way to reflectthe convenience, style and versatility of the known urban sneakers through the style of the Alexa.

The collaboration between Chung and  Superga began last year when the British beauty became the face of the spring collection. She even said: "I am a fan of Superga because like everything I love is classic, practical and elegant. Happy 100th birthday!!I hope I'm so cool on my 100! "


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