Wednesday, January 25, 2012

The War of It-Girls

Kate Moss
Style: Chic Rock
Must Item: Leather Pants

It's hard for someone to take the throne of Kate Moss, as the supermodel has a succesfull career since the 90's when she appeared. It has considered that is one of the most known models of her generation, the secret is not only her special style, the rock & roll lifestyle but the fact that she has succeed to keep a mystery around herself as she rarely gives an interview.

Mary Kate & Ashley Olsen
Style: Luxe Grunge
Must Item: Black fur

The sisters Olsen have been grown up in showbiz as since they were babies they  
participated at a very successfull tv serie. Olsens have been achieved to make the transition from child-stars to fashin icons, creating a high-end line of clothes and accessories. Besides their baby faces they are professionals and always impress us with their stylish appearances and their amazing creations.

Alexa Chung
Style: Retro Nerdy Chic
Must Item: Prairie Dress

The English tv hostess and ex model is a girl that all nerd boys imagine, as except of he is beautiful also is very ''accessible''. With londress style,  she doesn't care if she doesn't look sexy, she loves Chanel jackets and adores cute dresses. Even Karl Langerfeld has said that she is a pretty, smart and modern girl!!

Nicole Richie
Style: Laid Back Bohemian
Must Item: Long Necklace

Born and grown up in L.A with father Lionel Richie, Nicole Richie is known as the less pretty best friend of Paris Hilton in the reality show <<The Simple Life>>. Spoiled and with a history at addictions, Nicole change her life and her look after the fight with Paris and the wedding with Tzoel Madden. Today mother of 2 kids she has succed to recover her past and to be one of the most stylist girls of Hollywood. Surtanly, the vintage and bohemian style are the characteristics of her style but of her collection House of Harlow too, which includes clothes and accessorises

Blake Lively
Style: Young and Sexy
Must Item: High-Wasted Mini Skirt

Apart from the long blonde hair and the long legs, something that will someone could notice is her style. She unically matches the glamour of Hollywood with the air of an original California girl. Sympathic and a fresh face she has succeed to charm Anna Wintour (this is an achievement!!! hahaha) who invited her to the Fashion Week of Paris. There she met her favourite Christian Louboutin, who give her name to a pair of his awesome line of high heels. With natural beauty she admits that she always is dressed without the help of a stylista and she confess that her inspiration are the outfits of her role at Gossip Girl, Serena!! Well done Blake ;-)

Olivia Palermo
Style: Fashion Insider
Must Item: Statement Earrings

The American socialite she has been known since her participation at the reality show << The City>> where she was working at the offices of Diane Von Fustenberg and after at a famous magazine. Even she was playing the bad girl, the audience loved her for her style and now she is one of the most fashionable praesence of New York. You can take a taste of her fully of fashion life at her new blog, there she writes about things she loves. (fashion, travel, decoration etc.)

Dakota & Elle Fanning
Style: Girly Chic
Must Item: Girly Dresses

The just 13 years old Elle and the 17 years old Dakota are talentedand uber stylish sisters. They have suceed to insure important roles at movies, be muses of fashion designers, take part at campagnes of luxurious labels and be at the front row of the catwalks.


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