Wednesday, January 11, 2012

A Quick View at Rachel Zoe's Office

One of our favorite fashionista, stylista and lately designer opens the doors of her office!!

''OMG shoes! People ask me if I get desensitized seeing so many shoes every day, but I don’t think that’s actually possible''

''When choosing an outfit, you can really never have too many options with anything. Footwear included. More is more!''

''No red carpet ensemble is complete without a chic clutch.''

''Another fab pic of shoes! This would make a great screensaver.''

''One of my favorite Hermès cuffs in white leather alongside another chic accessory, an Apple keyboard!''

''Shoe samples from my resort 2012 collection - so major! - next to one of my favorite chain-strap Chanel bags, that I was carrying the day of this shoot. Behind them is the Women’s Wear Daily issue I was on the cover of earlier this year! My team surprised me and framed one for every one of my four offices.''

''I am big on magazine tears for inspiration. I stick them all on these giant inspo boards in my branding office. I also spy a pair of my favorite vintage Chanel sunnies in the mix - who is more inspiring than Coco?''

''Obsessed with this vintage mirrored coffee table! Mirrors in every form instantly add glamour to any home or office setting.''

''A glimpse of my actual desk in the loft of my branding office! Of course, I spend most of my time on my feet, so the Vice President of my company, Mandana Dayani, gets more use out of it than me!''


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