Saturday, January 28, 2012

The Economic Collection of Karl Langerfeld!!

       Every fashionista dream is to one day get a piece designed by Karl Langerfeld!! So he desided to make our dreams come true, he is laughing an economic collection named Karl Collection!!
The collection includes economical prices which could worn day and night. 

With the variety of outfits you can, with the right mix and match, to create even more looks. The designer give us the chance to make the difference with glamorous appearances without being excessive!!

 The prices starts from 25$ for an oversized canvas shopping bag and reaches 945$ for an leather jacket. Generally the prices range from 100$ to 200$.

Kargelfeld said:''A plain wthite t-shirt, jeans and a jacket are the 3 basics items that every girl needs.'' Those key items in different styles and versions are dominating in the collection and we can't wait to buy them!!



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