Monday, December 26, 2011

simple chic!!

Everyone wants to be chic and classy all time!! But often seems so hard to find  key items to transform an outfit from casual to chic... And then we find out that the casual could be chic to!! Here I will show how to do a simple chic outfit with things that you already have!! ;-)
H&M shoulder bag

A simple crossed handbag with details of leather could be a smart choice!!!! If you don't have a similar one here I found out this amazing shoulder bag in special prize!!

                                                                                                                                                                                                                     A pair of broques will be a nice and chic replacement of your ballerinas!!
zara broques
So just add them at your simple outfit and you then you will be dresseg chic and completely 
Good luck fashion girls :D

A gold or silver necklace will add a glam detail at your outfit!! So don't forget to wear an accessory, like rings, a bracelet or just wear only your fab watch!! Check those out at H&M!!        
 (But don't overdo it, wear few please for a chic result)

A simple jacket would complete your outfit!! Looks perfect with dresses, jeans or skirts so wear them properly at any occasion!! But this jacket is unique as it has the best trend of the season ''stars"!! Play with them and surely you will have an succesful chic outfit :D

Surely your nails have to be appropriate for every outfit!! So a nude nail polish is perfect for your chic outfit!! Don't forget to polish always your nails is very important ;-)


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